If I get an invitation and accept it thru my Windows Mobile 6.1 device, on the phone ActiveSync signals that it did not sync the meeting.

On Zimbra side I can see the "sync" xml packet with the whole meeting data, including the fact I am not the organizer.

In the log I see the next warning:

2009-06-11 08:36:41,327 WARN  [btpool0-229] [name=scastro;mid=6;ip=;DeviceId=53FB7712A9FC3797F8E32823CFDA9295;DeviceType=PocketPC;class
=Calendar;clientid=1073741862;folder=10;SyncCmd=Sync;] sync - Client uploading item not organizer: uid=null; organizer="John Smith"
Is there a way to sync meetings I accept using the smartphone?


Samuel Castro