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Thread: [SOLVED] DocsToGo w/ Exchange Attachments for iPhone

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    Talking [SOLVED] DocsToGo w/ Exchange Attachments for iPhone

    Dataviz just released the first versions of their Documents To Go software, the $5 desktop sync version, and the premium $10 Exchange Attachments version.***

    For the sake of "SCIENCE!" I spent the extra $5 and got the Exchange version since it indicated it uses ActiveSync to download emails with attachments. 5 bucks isn't too bad to take for the team

    However in my preliminary findings it doesn't complete email folder synchronization, but it DOES spit out a handy sync logs! I pushed the log file to the Documents to Go Desktop app, and am posting it immediately following this, in case some enterprising individual can tell what it is doing.

    Chris @ Purohit

    ***I guess that is introductory pricing.
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