I was allowed to use the ActiveSync feature of the Zimbra in our corporation. So i went through the configuration on the iPhone (original, pre 3G with firmware 3.0) and received the following:

All my e-mails
My private calendar
My own contacts, including "sent to" contacts
Other contacts with their e-mail addresses

What I'm missing is my other calendar which is available in the Web UI (it's a shared one), and all the info in a Contact such as phone numbers

I "complained" to my boss who has all this on his iPhone and he showed me the config on his iPhone (a 3G with firmware 3.0) and it looks strikingly similar. The only difference is that he has the Domain field filled with the domain of our company. I originally left it empty as the iPhone claims it's optional. When I fill it in I'm always told that my password would be incorrect. which is not true because as soon as I delete the Domain from the iPhone's config the very same password is accepted again.

Does all this sound familiar to anyone? Sorry I didn't give you the version of our Zimbra but I simply don't know it.

Thanks for any help!