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Thread: Nokia E71 and Zimbra emails

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    Default Nokia E71 and Zimbra emails

    Hopefully someone can help, i am going crazy.

    first my problem.

    my phone will recieve and open emails and the attachments, with the software that came with the phone. the problem is that i cannot send any emails from my phone. i can with hotmail, but not with zimbra

    my attempts to fix.
    i have read through the forums and tried multiple solutions. I have installed the mail for exchange first the s60 2.9 version, which keeps on giving me connections errors, so then i tried an older versionof M4E s60 2.7. which wouldn't install at all

    what the hell am i doing wrong, is there a setting in zimbra (mail forwarding) i am ready to make a brick out of my phone and trow it out the window

    Please help

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