Overall Zimbra mobile and the Palm Pre seem to work fairly well (though it does occasionally have a habit of only pulling in 2-3 new messages when I actually have more like 10-12... I haven't seen a definitive pattern there yet). There are two minor things that have come up though...

- When an AIM account is entered in Zimbra, it appears on the Pre as aol://screenname. The Pre then can't match the address with the screenname on the AIM buddy list because of the extra prefix. If you then change the entry on the Pre to have just "screenname" as the AIM account, the screenname still appears when you *view* the entry in Zimbra, but it apparently is not editable from within zimbra... nothing shows up. Anyone have a clue if this is a bug in Zimbra or in the Pre?

- The nickname field is very useful in the Pre because it's included in the searches for contacts. This field doesn't seem to exist in Zimbra and adding a nickname to an entry on the Pre doesn't happen to populate any other field in Zimbra. I don't use Outlook, so can someone tell me if this is a standard field that is just not (yet) implemented in Zimbra?

I don't expect that there is a workaround for either of these, but I'd just like to make sure my bug reports/requests are pointed in the right direction!