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Thread: SyncJE Calender Sync is 8 hours off

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    Default SyncJE Calender Sync is 8 hours off

    When I sync a calender entry originating on my Blackberry with Funambol Blackberry client 7.2.3, the calender item shows up at the correct time in the Zimbra calender.

    When I peform the same function with the latest SyncJE software on the same phone to the same account on the same server, the appointment shows up 8 hours early (ie Appointment on BB = 9pm, it shows up in Zimbra @ 1pm or 8 hours earlier on the same day).

    I've scoured the phone, Funambol devices, Funambol users, Zimbra config, and everything else I could think of to ensure the timezone settings are ok, but I don't think that matters much because the Funambol client syncs fine.

    If I originate the calender entry on zimbra, it shows up on the BBerry at the correct time.

    Any ideas?

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    Try a different version of SyncJE, I had a similar problem in my office,

    The SyncJe we downloaded was version 3.2.2
    - It is Buggy......Brings through wrong times (out by 12hours) and duplicates entries.....(It caused huge dramas in my calendar syncing two ways and duplicating everything over and over)

    Version 2.47 works if you need SyncJe again use version 2.47
    ************************************************** *****

    Current version is 3.2.8, am unsure if that's buggy or not...

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