When I sync a calender entry originating on my Blackberry with Funambol Blackberry client 7.2.3, the calender item shows up at the correct time in the Zimbra calender.

When I peform the same function with the latest SyncJE software on the same phone to the same account on the same server, the appointment shows up 8 hours early (ie Appointment on BB = 9pm, it shows up in Zimbra @ 1pm or 8 hours earlier on the same day).

I've scoured the phone, Funambol devices, Funambol users, Zimbra config, and everything else I could think of to ensure the timezone settings are ok, but I don't think that matters much because the Funambol client syncs fine.

If I originate the calender entry on zimbra, it shows up on the BBerry at the correct time.

Any ideas?