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Thread: [noobie question] Calendar sync + phone suggestion

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    Default [noobie question] Calendar sync + phone suggestion

    Hello guys,
    I just started using Zimbra Desktop last week and I'm pretty stoked to be able to check all my email from app. I have a question though about calendars.

    I'd basically just like a phone that can sync my phones calendar to my computer. I don't care if its with my gmail or yahoo account.

    I'm not your average need my email on the go type guy so calendar sync is the only thing I really care about. Address book would be bonus but I assume that is standard.
    So I have 2 questions actually
    1) Does ZD itself sync with phones or only ZCS?
    2) What's a decent (att) phone that can sync calendar.

    If I can't sync without ZCS then I may have to resort to a phone with wifi so I could use what are my options then
    Pre, G1, Fuze? (not interested in iphone)

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    ZCS syncs to phone, and ZD is just a free client app that Zimbra built to talk to ZCS and added in POP3/IMAP functionality. This forum is for ZCS discussion. ZD is just a desktop client plain and simple.
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