Anyone else been down this path? We have just recently migrated our users to Zimbra, and are so far very pleased with the results. Previously we were running a simple postfix/apop/imapd setup with Horde and Squirrelmail frontends.

The only thing that's been "downgraded" now is the pda/mobile users experience. They can't access their mail via web anymore. The users with more advanced handsets can of course use IMAP, which I plan to set up for them, but ideally we would like to have a lightweight wap/html interface for use with mobile browsers, like Opera Mini..

I guess this is not a priority task for Zimbra, so I was thinking the best way to work around this, and if anyone has a pointer to some nice (preferably open source) software that will help me fulfill this need I would be very happy. My ideal interface would use IMAP to communicate with the server, and be highly optimized for handheld usage..