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Thread: iPhone 3.1 update disables Exchange connectivity, what about Zimbra Mobile?

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    Default iPhone 3.1 update disables Exchange connectivity, what about Zimbra Mobile?

    Zimbra Admins running Zimbra Mobile who have iPhone users should see the following:

    iPhone OS 3.1 now enforces Exchange encryption policy, may block pre-3GS iPhones


    After the 3.1 update, non-iPhone 3GS users (touch, iPhone, iPhone 3G) won't be
    able to access Exchange servers for their Email, Contacts and Calendar if the
    Exchange connection has been set by their administrators with a forced device
    encryption connection. Only iPhone 3GS devices now work in this mode.
    Apple has said <> it improperly set up
    encryption on iPhone OS 3.0 which wasn't really encrypting the Exchange information.
    Luckily, the Gmail Calendar and Contacts sync that uses Microsoft's ActiveSync
    API (to act like an Exchange Server) is not affected.
    What does this mean for Zimbra Mobile Admins with iPhone users? Perhaps Zimbra, like Google, used Microsoft's ActiveSync API to act like an Exchange Server and there is nothing to worry about. The options to change it on the Zimbra or iPhone side are minimal:

    • Zimbra Admin: Check or uncheck the "Zimbra Mobile Box". We run our web services encrypted.
    • iPhone: Select "Exchange ActiveSync", Enter the store server's address under "server" and select the "Use SSL" option.

    Will the iPhone 3.1 upgrade break Zimbra Mobile for iPhone users?
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