I have tested both CalDAV and Subscribed calendar accounts and received different experiences in regards to reminders and mounted calendars.

CalDAV gives a "read only view" with updates to whatever calendar accounts we have mounted on the Zimbra web client. With CalDAV, I receive meeting reminders from calendars that I subscribe to along with my own. A co-worker tested this on his iPhone and had the same results.

Here is the URL we use for CalDAV account:

Subscribed calendars account are "read only" as well, and they work fine because there is an option to turn off meeting reminders in each account. Subscribed calendars do require that you setup each individual calendar account while CalDAV simply imports the same calendars that one has mounted on the web client.

Here is the URL we use for Subscribed calendar accounts:

Has any one with iPhone 3.x using CalDAV had this issue or is there something I am missing ? I am not the server admin and working with CalDAV and Subscribed is new to me. Is this normal behavior for CalDAV and iPhone?

My goal is trying to get the mounted calendar functionality of CalDAV and the ability to disable reminders like in Subscribed calendars, all in one package. The CalDAV account would be great if we could disable the meeting reminders on mounted calendars like with Subscribed calendars.

Zimbra Version 5.0.19
iPhone OS 3.1.2

Thank you,