We've got users of every stripe and variety around here, and we started testing remote-wipe, as that was something we were interested in. We had no problems hooking the Droid and the Pre up via ActiveSync, which was really nice, but the remote wipe is failing on both of them.

In both cases, the server initiates the wipe, then reports the wipe as having been completed, but neither device actually wipes. Sync is suspended, however, which is at least a start, and if someone on the remote device tries a manual sync, it doesn't work either. (Blowing away the account and creating it again does successfully sync after that.)

Is this a function of the Droid and Pre not behaving as expected? I'm not surprised about the Droid, but I am a bit surprised about the Pre.

In further mild weirdness, the Droid actually shows up as *two* devices in the Mobile preferences page, one named MotoAndroid and the other named Android. Wipe is available for the MotoAndroid but not for the Android.