Hi everyone!

I get some trouble to get a shared address book working on Iphone.

The problematic:

An enterprise wants to have an address book where they can have all address of customers.

I've tried to create a new address book, and I've shared it to every user of this domain. It works great on the zimbra interface, and with the thunderbird+zindus, but on the Iphone, no way :s.

After this I've hoped that I can create a GAL, or put external person in the GAL, because of personn of the GAL are correctly syncronized on the Iphone.

So my questions:
-Is there a way to get the shared address book working on Iphone(I suppose that the problem will be the same on windows mobile)
-Can we add external people into the GAL, how?
-How to get a synchronized contacts list on the Iphone by an other way?

Thank you!