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Thread: what actually wipe out does?

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    Default what actually wipe out does?

    Can someone please tell me what actually a wipe out does?

    wipe zimbra related data or totally wipe the whole device??
    for example iPhone...

    Perform a remote wipe of a device. If a mobile device is lost, stolen, or no longer being used, users can initiate a remote wipe from their ZWC account to erase all data from the mobile device. A user selects the device to wipe and clicks Wipe Device. The next time the device requests to synchronize to the server, the wipe command is initiated. The device is returned to its original factory settings. Once the wipe is complete, the status of the device in the Preference> Mobile Devices folder shows as wipe completed.

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    It wipes the entire device.

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    I tried this on an iPod Touch during our 5-6 upgrade testing.

    As soon as the iPhone or iPod touch receives the order (immediate if you have PUSH) enabled, the screen shows a white apple logo on black background. It stays in that state for half an hour, so I believe the data is overwritten not merely deleted. Then, you get the iTunes logo.

    6.0.4 adds a popup message "Are you sure you really want to completely erase your lost or stolen device? Yes/Cancel." Even then, we are only turning on provisioning on request, not in the default CoS.

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