I have a user who has just shifted from a Blackberry (with a forwarding rule bouncing new incoming messages to its native blackberry.net mailbox) to an iPhone... at which point he was hoist on his own petard, penalized for being smart:

We switched him to the iPhone's native IMAP client, only to discover that since, unlike "real" Outlook, it doesn't have a synthesized "Unread Messages" pseudo-folder, and it *doesn't push or alert on new messages unless they're in INBOX*, he didn't know when he had new mail.

He's temporarily disabled his filters, but it's a pain.

Does Zimbra Mobile do anything whatever to assuage this pain? He'd like to be able to both filter his mail, and know it's arrived. And he's my boss, so *I'd* like that, too. Don't mind paying for Mobile, if it will fix this problem.