Alright so I had been eagerly awaiting the release of 6.0.6, literally with my boss spamming me asking when it was coming.

The issues with the E52 and E72 were described in a previous thread but I will recap. When you try to send a mail with the Mail for Exchange Account pointed it Zimbra it simply says "Email not sent", receiving etc. works fine.

The E52 and E72 use a later version of Mail for Exchange that was supposed to be fixed in 6.0.6. (patch notes read E52 and E75 but the Mail for Exchange version is the same)

The E72 which many of our staff use at the moment still does not send e-mail. How can a core business phone like the E72 escape a hotfix when every single other Nokia seems to work?!

Does anyone know why this is the case or if it's actually supposed to work now on the E72?