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    Default Enable mobile sync

    I have recently inherited zimbra admin duties at the company I work for since the Network Admin moved on to bigger and better.

    Inside the admin console I was looking at the "Zimbra Mobile" tab for my users that have iPhones and noticed of the six that are iPhone users one person does not have the "Enable Mobile Sync" box checked. That user happens to be the CEO and I am reluctant to make a change... especially right now that he is up in the air in a jet.

    What would be the behavior if this box is not checked?

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    You need Mobile Sync checked for the phone to do Active Sync.

    Wild Guess: the CEO is doing just IMAP for email, and has separate contacts/calendars in the iPhone which are not currently in Zimbra.

    So, before you reconfigure the phone (just checking the tickbox in the admin console won't change the phone), I'd ask which calendar/contacts the ceo uses. If they are on the phone only, you'll want to get them and import them into Zimbra before you reconfigure the phone to do Active Sync.

    Hope that helps,

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    Thank you for the quick response. In fact that is exactly the case here; the CEO is using IMAP. Now I need to figure out why he isn't taking advantage of Async.

    What I should do is set up thunderbird or something at my desk as a test.
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