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Thread: Driod Moxier Mail deleting Calendar entries..

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    Default Driod Moxier Mail deleting Calendar entries..

    We have our first client using a Driod with Moxier with Zimbra... She LOVES it...


    She is beginning not to love it b/c it appears it is randomly deleting calendar entries..

    She swears she is only looking at them, but as you can see from the log, a delete request does come...

    Anyone else see this issue? Can anyone gleen more form the log entries below on how/why this may be happening?

    log obfuscated a bit to protect the innocent...

    2010-08-11 07:53:13,537 INFO  [btpool0-41545://] [;mid=171;Cmd=Sync;DeviceID=Moxier2684354595018110;class=Calendar;folder=10;item=1747;] calendar - Deleting CalendarItem: id=1747, folderId=362, subject="Sarah's Bday  19", UID=5ee36a525a6e40b1ac4fe4fbab5e11aa00000000000000000000000000000000
    2010-08-11 07:53:13,537 INFO  [btpool0-41545://] [;mid=171;Cmd=Sync;DeviceID=Moxier2684354595018110;class=Calendar;folder=10;item=1747;] mailop - Deleting Appointment (id=1747).
    2010-08-11 07:53:13,546 INFO  [btpool0-41545://] [;mid=171;Cmd=Sync;DeviceID=Moxier2684354595018110;class=Calendar;folder=10;item=1719;] calendar - Deleting CalendarItem: id=1719, folderId=362, subject="Bob Shilling", UID=dacdf56395804d2a99199bada76beb1d00000000000000000000000000000000
    2010-08-11 07:53:13,547 INFO  [btpool0-41545://] [;mid=171;Cmd=Sync;DeviceID=Moxier2684354595018110;class=Calendar;folder=10;item=1719;] mailop - Deleting Appointment (id=1719).
    In short term can I make the calendar READ-ONLY from mobile?


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    no, the only solution would be removing zimbra and using something like Zarafa.

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