Hi All,

This is a repost. I may have posted in the wrong forum the first time. I've seen a few posts which may be in this ballpark but I haven't got a definite answer on it....

I am a student at UT Dallas and we use a Zimbra IMAP server for students. My Samsung Captivate (Android 2.1 device) will not successfully setup the outgoing server for our account and complete the account creation with the native email client.

The recommended settings are

server: smtpauth.utdallas.edu
Security: TLS
Port: 587

When I use the recommended settings settings it reports a TLS error. The phone offers TLS, TLS all certs, SSL, & SSL All certs. I've tried all... none seem to work. Funny enough that an iPhone, however, with these settings, apart from the TLS setting (The iPhone only offers an SSL on/off) with SSL turned on and the port set to 587 magically works... My Outlook desktop client also works with these settings...

Any help would be appreciated.