first of all thank you for v4.0 its really great and there are a lot little features that imporve everyday working.

Just two questions about using active sync.
Syncing mail doesnt work for my inbox (it syncs with choosen subfolders of my inbox, but not with the inbox itself). Has anyone seen this and got an idea why this happens. Its the 4.0 version and its a german version if this matters.
The second one is, is it possible to sync all calendars? I have four different calendars and currently just the one named Calendar is getting synchronized.
Does anyone has an idea about this?

When do you come up with a new roadmap?

I like to suggest for it:
Birthday integration
Pictures for Contacts
apply filter on existing folders
sync multiple calendars
possibility to move wiki-entries from one folder to another
task-lists (as in WM5) and sync of the tasks
and last but not least (:-) ) a Calvin and Hobbes Comic Zimlet