On the web interface, how can I get a more mobile friendly login page? I'm linking directly to /zimbra/m but the login page functions horribly on a mobile device (testing on iPhone and Android).

I'm familiar with the Preauth solution, and here's the link for those interested:

Preauth - Zimbra :: Wiki

But the problem with this is that if I always send all mobile users to my own login page first, then I'm not allowing them to take advantage of the fact that Zimbra may already have them logged in.

Zimbra's login page has the checkbox "remember me on this computer." So when a user uses that checkbox, it's best for them to go in through Zimbra's login page and not my own login page using Preauth.

I much prefer that if I visit /zimbra it gives me a standard login page. And if I visit /zimbra/m it gives me a mobile friendly login page.

I'd appreciate any thoughts or suggestions about this.