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Thread: Shared/Global calendar on mobile devices?

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    Default Shared/Global calendar on mobile devices?

    I've been looking around for weeks and even after speaking to our zimbra provider, it looks like its impossible to sync a shared calendar to a non iphone device. Is this correct? This seems to be a well used exchange feature that if i didn't know was possible, I wouldn't have gave zimbra a second look as a groupware solution.

    I have many people with either winmo6 or blackberrys. There is a global scheduling calendar that everyone needs to see. Is it impossible to seperate or even view this calendar unless i use the mobile html view?

    After migrating from exchange i created a seperate resource with for this shared calendar. Everything is fine in outlook with the connector as a seperate shared calendar.

    Is there anyway possible to bring this into these phones? I'll willing to do any workarounds before I drop my zimbra trial and go back to exchange?

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    i always thought syncing shared folders was a windows mobile limitation, are you saying you were able to do this with exchange + winmo?

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    Bug 30950 – iphone: sync with shared contacts and calendars

    The problem as described in the bug is that ActiveSync, itself, doesn't support shared calendars. It doesn't matter if you have an iPhone or Windows Mobile--if you sync using ActiveSync, you won't see shared stuff. Exchange or not also should not matter.

    A separate issue is that iPhone is the only device that can sync multiple calendars over ActiveSync. Or at least it has been, maybe that's changed recently.

    According to some comments in the bug, Google has some sort of workaround that allows viewing shared calendars over ActiveSync. Not clear how they do it, or exactly what the user experience is. See also Choosing Which Calendars to Sync : Mail, Calendar, & Contacts - Google Mobile Help

    For Zimbra as it is currently, the best workaround is to use CalDAV instead of alongside of ActiveSync. Depending on whether you need RW or only Read access, you might be able to use WebCal ("Add Subscribed Calendar" option under "Other" under "Add Account...").

    Still another possibility would be to subscribe to the shared calendar within ZWC as if it were an external calendar ("Synchronize appointments from remote calendar" after creating a new calendar, using the shared calendar URL). This might sync down (read-only) via ActiveSync to an iPhone, but it can cause some wonkiness, like events not being rendered if they exist on both the account owner's calendar and the shared calendar.

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