I've manage to install and run Zimbra connector for Funambol DS server. My contacts, calendar and task syncs accordingly except for notes. However regarding the Funambol Email Connector module, when I configure it to use POP, it only gets the message inside the Inbox folder. Emails that is automatically redirected to other folder besides Inbox (using mail filters) doesn't get picked up.

Does Zimbra POP service only delivers what is inside the Inbox folder or there is something I need to configure? Our Zimbra server is configured to use SSL so I use port 995 for POP3 when I configure Funambol.

Here is my setup:
ZCS 6.07 on Ubuntu 8.04
Funambol 8.7 on Ubuntu 10.04 + FunambolZimbraConnector 0.6.02
Funambol Blackberry Sync 8.7.1 installed on BB Curve 8320
Funambol JavaME Email Client 8.5.3 installed on BB Curve 8320