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Thread: Zimbra Mobile calendar bug

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    Default Zimbra Mobile calendar bug [SOLVED]

    Using Zimbra Mobile with Treo 650 set to Active sync. All works well except for the following:

    For appointments created on the Treo and then synced back to Zimbra:

    Case 1) Appointment is edited on the treo after the sync (time changed) and resynced. Appt appears twice on Zimbra, once at the orig time, once at the new time.

    Case 2) Appt is edited on Zimbra after the sync (Time changed) and resynced. When opened on Zimbra, the time appears -3 hrs. In other words, it's showing @ 5:00 pm on the display calendar, when I open it, the time shows 2:00 pm.

    Case 2a) If I elect not to save the entry, it shows up at 2:00 pm, but is restored to 5:00 pm when I hit "refresh"

    Case 2b) If I save the appointment, either at 2:00 pm, as defaulted, or any other time, the appt. appears twice ont he Treo after sync. Once at 5:00, once at 2:00. Thereafter, the new appt. behaves as if it had been created on the Zimbra interface (all manipulation by the Treo and by the web interface beahve as expected), but the old appt (the one at 5:00 is orphaned on the Treo and must be manually deleted.
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