I'm new to these forums, and I'm new to Zimbra, but I just started a job that requires us to have a Blackberry device or an equivalent smart phone to check email on. I have the Android Galaxy S Captivate from ATT. When I try using an app to have my email come to my phone, it works ok, but it doesn't "sync" with the server where when I click on an email, it doesn't change my web client to say "read" but instead just marks read in my phone and doesn't anywhere else. Here are the app options I've tried, but none are working the way the Blackberry handles it.

Standard email app that comes with the phone: Synced account, it grabs emails as fast as I request it to, however when I read the emails, it just stays read in the email and not on the web client.

Gmail app: Synced my gmail and zimbra (with my company) account perfectly. Now I have gmail pushing my emails to my phone from the gmail app preinstalled, and I can even send emails from my work address on my phone through the gmail app, however it still will only sync with the gmail servers to mark a message as "read" but not on the web client still.

Zimbra app: I downloaded and installed it. It sucks. Plain and simple, and I need something with a whole lot more functionality like the options that come with gmail or the email application.

So any ideas on how to make my phone mark a message as "read" and the web client notices it (or zimbra server we have notice it) and marks it on my computer, and when I mark it read on my computer, have my phone notified that I had read it?