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    I'm currently running a multinode ZCS installation with no ports directly exposed. There is a fairly complex integration with a CRM system which proxies the web side of things and the MTA is a secondary behind our primary MTA's in the DMZ. That all works just fine.

    Doing development/experimentation has never been a problem because our development clients are inside the firewall.

    Now I'd like to experiment a bit with the mobile side of ZCS. Unfortunately I can't do much without starting to pop holes in the firewall because the 'client' is a mobile device on a cell phone network and therefore outside the firewall.

    So I have a bunch of questions:

    1) Since I'm running a multinode configuration what do I do for server name? Can I simply use the common CNAME shared by all the nodes?

    2) I notice that there is an IMAP proxy installed (perdition), is this setup and configured by default?

    3) Does the proxy require that I have different external IP addresses and DNS entries for each node? My quick experiments of trying to login to different nodes seems to just reply with NO [REFERRAL imap://email%40domain@othernode/] login failed

    4) What ports will I need to open? I don't know much about MAPI (since it appears to want to use the Exchange configuration), but is it safe to assume its the standard IMAP ports (143, 993)?
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    I answered most of my questions by readingthe Zimbra wiki page at


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