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Thread: Android ActiveSync issues (calendars and contacts)

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    Default Android ActiveSync issues (calendars and contacts)

    Couple of issues with ZCS 7.0 Mobile-/ActiveSync'ed HTC Desire:
    1) It only syncs the main calendar, not any secondary calendars I've created at all.

    2) It only syncs contacts from the main contact book, not secondary contact books or even contact groups, and probably not shared contact books either.

    I am aware of the app 'LVContacts Sync for Zimbra', which works fairly well, but I don't really like having to tell our users that they'll have to pay for a third party app to get functionality that ought to be there out of the box.

    Other than that I am really very happy with how well this works

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    I suspect this is an android implementation issue as I'm reasonably sure I've seen other calendars and contact folders sync on an iPhone with Zimbra 6 but I can't swear on it as I've only set it up for clients.

    I've taken to using tags to categorise my contacts/calendars as these do sync well across activesync.

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    It's an issue with the device, not with Zimbra.

    See Bug 10099 - MobileSync Multiple Calendars and Addressbooks

    Basically: to anyone's knowledge, only iPhone currently syncs multiple address books & calendars over ActiveSync. See also discussion in Bug 30950 - iphone: sync with shared contacts and calendars

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