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Thread: Another Android Post... HTC Phones

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    Quote Originally Posted by bsaxon View Post
    We are experiencing the same issue with email forwarding (1500 Android Phones all using HTC Mail with Zimbra EAS). More details are located at the following page. Be sure to put in your vote. There is a commitment for Helix but doesn't guarantee that it will be fixed. Since it works with Exchange 2007, I know a server side fix is possible. So I am crossing my fingers at this point.

    Bug 55289 – Android forwards as .eml attachment
    Yeah, a server side fix is definitely possible. I have a test setup running Zimbra (6.0.10) and a third party ActiveSync solution. With this setup I have HTML capabilities and can forward mail inline using the HTC mail app. The Zimbra team should be able to do this as well.

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    The only other way I've seen it work is by using the reply feature, then change the address to, and it goes through okay.

    I'd urgently like to see a fix for this issue as well on the server side.

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    Well, touchdown could be a solution but it seems one of the more expensive apps on the market, so i'll have to keep looking for a better solution

    Tomasz Czarnecki
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