Let me start off by saying that I realize most of the things I am about to discuss are third party issues. Still, I am hoping that someone here can help me come up with some solutions. I have been reading everything I can find for the past few weeks. I have seen many discussions and bugs, but no solutions.

Zimbra version: 6.0.10 NE

We have approximately 50 mobile users. We recently switched everyone from Blackberry to Android. This has not been pleasant... Everyone loves the overall capabilities of the Android devices, but they hate the email functionality. There have been many requests to switch back to Blackberry. I would prefer not to do this as I do not want to run a BES server. All of our Android phones are HTC devices (mostly Evo 4G's). Ideally, I would like to resolve all issues using the pre-installed software on these devices.

Issue 1: ActiveSync
Currently all of our devices are using the HTC mail app to connect via ActiveSync. For the most part everything works great. Everything except that forward messages as eml attachments thing. Yes, I know that this is an Android issue. Yes, I know that Android uses SmartForward and that the real problem is Android cannot view eml attachments like most other devices can. That being said, this is a major source of frustration for our users. Many of our users travel heavily and their phone is their primary device. They forward a lot of messages from their mobile device. Other mobile users cannot view these messages. Web Client users can view the attachments, but still complain that things come across as attachments instead of inline. I know that there is probably no solution to this at the moment, but I'm going to ask anyway. Does anyone have a solution for this other than using Touchdown? Does Zimbra have any plans to implement something that would force these messages to be sent inline instead of as attachments?

Issue 2: IMAP
As a possible workaround for Issue 1, I have been considering using ActiveSync for contacts and calendar and IMAP for mail. I'm starting to like this idea as it would eliminate the eml thing and allow users to view HTML mail. However, I am running into an issue with this as well (also using the HTC mail app). Most, but not all, HTML messages sent from the Zimbra Web Client appear as blank messages on the device. You can see the header, but not the body. HTML messages sent from outside sources display correctly on the device. It is just HTML messages sent from our Zimbra server. I believe this is a primarily a Zimbra issue and not an HTC issue. Again, mail from outside sources displays correctly. Also, before Zimbra our company used a basic Linux IMAP server (Postfix/Dovecot). I connected to this server with an HTC device for over a year before we switched to Zimbra. I never had an issue reading mail from our old server. The IMAP issues started after the switch to Zimbra. Any ideas on why HTML mail sent from our server is not visible on mobile devices?

Thanks in advance for help with these issues.