I know everyone is asking for Mobile support for multiple calendars...add me to the list.

But I specifically have some questions about syncing contacts with Zimbra Mobile.

1) Is there a way to tag specific contacts that you want synced to your mobile device? Some of our users have 1500+ contacts and probably don't want them all on their Treo.

2) Can Mobile support syncing of multiple address books? We would plan on having centralized shared r/w address books in place of public folders. In many cases we would like these to be sync'd (in some cases we would not)

What would really be great would be a "Sync to Mobile" Check-Box field in each contact that each user could check for the contacts they wanted on their mobile device at any given time. (Even better if if could be a different value for each user even within a shared address book). That way each user could choose the contacts they wanted at any give time. For example, while a sales rep is working a deal they could check the specific customer contacts from their private address book and the contacts from the shared "Vendor" address book. Then when the deal is done, they could uncheck all but the most important couple contacts and free up space on the mobile device.

Can anyone comment on the above? Is there a way 'clone' contacts from one address book to another? A workaround could be to put all your contacts in folders other than "contacts" and then clone only the contacts you want sync'd to the "contacts" folder. (At some point the mobile tail starts wagging the dog, though...)

Thanks for your feedback.