So here is what I've gotten to work.

Using EVO 4G - with Cyanogen ROM I can get activesync to setup and work with zimbra 7. Calendar, contacts, and email.

Using EVO 4G with default ROM and HTC Sense - Activesync will not setup and I get a failed message, try again later...

Using EVO 4G with touchdown for android 2.0 devices - it acts like it is setup and syncing, however no information is pulled in and available on the phone in touchdown. Sending messages does work however and they go out the server and are received on the other side.

Touchdown worked fine with 6.0.10 - and i've tried setting it up now on two seperate phones with both an existing account in zimbra, and creating a fresh / new one.. No luck..

Anyone else having issues? Can anyone confirm they are able to setup a new account within android w/ activesync and get it to work? with touchdown?

Any help or info would be great - I would really love to have my account re-setup and my contacts, email, calendar back on the phone..

It seems exsiting accounts already setup to use zimbra w/ exchange are not having any issues, as I've not gotten any reports from our clients yet - I'm just not able to setup any NEW syncs.