We are doing a pilot of 4.x Network and are working our way though some issues/questions...

1) One current question is that Zimbra Mobile does not appear to by syncing the GAL to our mobile devices. We are testing on Treo 650s and Cingular 8125s. The Treos have VersaMail 3.5 which does sync contacts. Is this possible or am I just missing something?

2) I posted a question on syncing multiple/shared contact folders (address books). Is this possible? We will be using Shared Address Books in place of Public Contact Folders and would likely want those sync'd.

3) Is there any way to limit the contacts that sync'd? We have several users that have over 1,000 contacts in their personal contacts and most likely don't want all of those on their mobile device at any give time. (I asked the question in the "Users" forum here:


4) I though I read somewhere that I could do an event invite accept/decline through VersaMail on the Treo? Possible?

Thanks again!