When I accept a calendar invite on my Android phone it gets added into my Calendar as "Accepted: MEETING" MEETING would be the subject of the invite. It is removed from my Inbox on my phone. But when I open my email in the Web Client or in Outlook (Using ZCO) the invite email is still there. If I accept on the web client or Outlook I will have a duplicate meeting, after accepting on phone. So I need to delete the original email.

Accepting invites from BlackBerry (BES),Web Client, or Outlook it works perfect where the original email disappears and the Calendar event is created without "Accepted." Appears correctly on phone as well.

ZCS: 6.0.8 NE
ZCO: 6.0.8
ZCB: 6.5.3
Phone: Android 2.2.1 (HTC ThunderBolt) connected via ActiveSync