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Thread: E-mail settings for the EVO

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    Default E-mail settings for the EVO

    I have tried to research the website for settings on my Evo and the following is the best I've been able to come up with:

    Protocol - POP
    Email address -
    username -
    password - *******
    pop server -
    security type - none
    server port - 110

    This is the only setting that I've been able to use to receive e-mails on my phone, Ive tried everything. The problem is that I haven't found the correct settings to send e-mails from my phone. When I try "exchange", I get an error about wrong username or password even though I enter them correctly.


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    Your best bet is to use IMAP if your Zimbra server is FOSS. If Network Edition then Exchange would be your best bet. However it seems like you are a user and not an administrator. Contact your Zimbra administrator to properly setup your email on your phone.

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    Question Having EVO email setup issues

    I am getting the same error message, even though using the Exchange ActiveSync. I am the administrator, although don't know much. We have Zimbra via our Homestead webpage account. I have added the Homestead Suite to our email accounts that should allow us to access our Zimbra email from our mobile phones. I am using:

    email address:
    Server Address: (the address of our webmail)
    Domain: our web address without the www.
    Username; what i use to log into my email over the web
    Password: password used to log into email over the web

    Any ideas? The username and password are correct. Should I try going in and setting it up without the Exchange? I have used the Wikki directions and that doesn't seem to help either.


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    Quote Originally Posted by arrowheadsolutionsllc View Post
    Should I try going in and setting it up without the Exchange?
    The answer to that would depend on whether Homestead are providing you the service to connect to a Network Edition of Zimbra, I'd suggest you ask their support department what services they provide for a mobile connection.


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