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Thread: [SOLVED] ActiveSync Error 0x85010004

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    Default [SOLVED] ActiveSync Error 0x85010004


    I'm an administrator attempting to setup my first mobile supported network edition server.

    I've had customers use the web URL with open source in the past. I have my first customer who wants to have everything through the phone's app rather than the web calendar.

    Currently testing on a windows mobile 6 device with active sync.

    I set everything up for active sync, but receive error 0x08501004
    "Your account in Microsoft Exchange Server does not have permission to synchronize with your current settings. Contact your Exchange Server administrator."

    my current settings on the mobile device are:
    email address
    server address is
    'No SSL', I braught the server out of SSL mode to test this.
    checked marked save password.
    Choosen data to synchronize
    E-Mail, I unchecked everything else since I though e-mail would be the easiest thing to sync.

    Under advanced
    Conflict: replace item on my device
    Event Logging: Verbose
    Connection: Internet

    Thanks for listening!

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    To resolve this issue, make certain to enable mobility under the user's acoount. There is a table for mobility.

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