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Thread: HTC mail sync problem

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    Default HTC mail sync problem


    I cannot sync an HTC Desire S (aka HTC Saga, an Android 2.3 device) with my company's Zimbra server using HTC mail. I cannot even setup an Exchange Activesync account on my HTC. Whenever I enter the credentials, HTC Mail connects to the server, and then crashes (I need to force-close it).

    Some details:
    - We are running ZCS 6.0.4
    - Mobile support is working. Syncing with Iphone works. Syncing with Windows Mobile works.
    - Syncing with Zimbra using Touchdown works fine on the HTC Desire S (but I would rather use HTC mail, calendar etc., and not be forced to buy a 3rd party app).
    - I have not been able to try with any other Android device.

    Any ideas?
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