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Thread: Zimbra Mobile and multiple servers

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    Default Zimbra Mobile and multiple servers

    I'm trying to setup mobile/activesync for our users and have a really big question.

    Our production environment has 2 zimbra servers on a secure subnet. There are several apache servers in the DMZ, which proxy requests based on path context Zimbra. The apache instances proxy to the appropriate server based on cookie stored on the client. This works just fine for the webclient and lets users just know '' rather than 'mail1', 'mail2', etc.

    If we were to do simple IMAP clients theres the perdition IMAP proxy which would handle this same kind of behavior. Again users just need to know '' rather than 'imap1', 'imap2', etc.

    In both of the cases the only externally exposed ports go to the apache/perdition instances in the DMZ. Theres no need to propagate lots of dns info or punch holes through the firewall.

    But what about the activesync? I've done a quick experiment on apache proxying to a single zimbra server using the '/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync' context. That works fine, but the host name is hardcoded into the apache configuration.

    So what will happen when I have a second Zimbra server in the mix?

    Is there a way to set this up to proxy through apache and get back to the correct server?
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