I am using Zimbra with a Windows Moble device (Motorola Q) and am generally happy with the set-up.

But I am encountering an error in the ActiveSync set-up that I need help resolving.

In the ActiveSync "Schedule" options, I have selected "As Items Arrive" for my syncing frequency so that emails arrive on my mobile device immediately. But when I check the "Status" option in ActiveSync, I see the following error:

"ActiveSync failed to configure your account to sync as new items arrive. Contact your Exchange Server administrator."

Any ideas on how to resolve this? Does Zimbra support the "As new items arrive" option for syncing?

When I change the syncing schedule to "every 5 minutes" this error message goes away. Of course, I would rather have my items sync as they arrive if this is possible.

Thanks in advance for the help.