hey there. Hope i'm posting in the right forum section.

I do have a hosted Zimbra Account with Melchinger Systemhaus: Melchinger Systemhaus Start

I do connect my Touch Pro 2 running windows Mobile 6.5.3 (Energy Rom) via Active Sync (Zimbra beeing my "Exchange Server")

I do have about 15 Mail Aliases connected to my Zimbra Account

mobile@mydomain.com --> Mainmail@mydomain.com
example1@mydomain.com --> Mainmail@mydomain.com
example2@mydomain.com --> Mainmail@mydomain.com
example3@mydomain.com --> Mainmail@mydomain.com
example4@mydomain.com --> Mainmail@mydomain.com

and about 10 pop/imap accounts piped into it aswell.

Now my Problem is that when i send email from my Phone (via the exchange/push option) it always sends from the "last alias"/Pop-Account that was configured in Zimbra. And thats kinda annoying

lets assume i used example3@... last and now configure example4@...
before the configuration mails are send via example3@... after i add example4@.. it always sends the mail from example4@...

All i want is send mails from my mobile via mobile@mydomain.com

Any Idea how i can facilitate that ?

kind regards,