New install:
Fully Licensed (but never received my Support Portal Login)

Moto-DRIOD Bionic/5.5.1
Andriod Version = 2.3.4
Build 5.5.1_84

(Have ensure the device id fully updated.)

Q1) Can not get the device to remote wipe. Any thought on where to start on troubleshooting this one.

When I send the remote wipe the phone just says "Connection Error" I had similar issues with the bionic and Novell Data Sync Server. Those where resolved by enabling mobile policy, but that doesn't seem to fix it with Zimbra.

I know Zimbra has their own little client however I would like the devices to work without requiring the users to install anything special.

I have tried different settings in CoS and none seem to work.

Q2) is there a CLI reference guide for the Zimbra Mobile I am unable to disable the require encryption from the Web GUI. (No CheckBox to uncheck)

Q3) Does Zimbra Mobile have a restriction on the downloaded attachment size? Novell Data Sync did and we had to adjust that.