The Details:
ZCS 4.02 NE / Mobile Enabled for user
Verizon Motorola Q running WM5

The problems - questions:
First, I have only been working with this for ~ 5 hours with frequent interruptions.

My understanding of the vendor terminology and players involved: (correct me if I'm wrong)

Activesync - Use for PC-to-Phone communications only (via usb for me)

Wireless Sync - Method to have the MotoQ synchronize to mail account and vice versa

Verizon Wireless Sync Account - The account which apparently uses VZW as a gateway account between the phone and my mail server

PC Monitor Software - Software which monitors a desktop mail account and sync to the phone via wireless sync


Basic e-mail: syncing, sending, and receiving basic e-mail works great.
I followed the instructions on the Wiki and was able to sync e-mail using that method. I was also able to re-configure the phone to use integrated outlook account to send and receive without adding the additional Zimbra account to the phone as described in the Wiki. In summation, Basic IMAP is pretty easy to setup a few different ways.

Where I am having some issues are in the calendar sync and recognizing additional folders on my zimbra account.

I have tried numerous methods to get the calendar to sync. I have ensured that all items are configured to sync both on the Q and on the Wireless Sync account at verizon. I have installed and configured the PC monitor software, set up additional accounts, manipulated configurations in just about every way that I can think of and still the only way I can get the calendar and personally created folders to sync is by enabling activesync and connecting to the PC.

I have read that several of Zimbrainians have/love the moto Q so I hope someone can shed some light and where I did a stupid!

?'s for calendar/folder syncing?
Do you need to fully configure the vzw account or just use the phone# and password as described in the WIKI
Do you need to configure an "e-mail source" on the vzw Wireless Sync site? I have tried both ways to no avail
If you use "e-mail source" do you use the "IMAP" option, or "Corporate E-mail" option?
Is running the PC Monitor software necassary to sync calendars and folders?
| Once again I've tried both ways, with a vzw phone account and a vzw PC Monitor account configured in several different ways.

I'm taking notes for a Wiki update, looking forward to getting this working, as I am pretty impressed with the Q so far.