Who else in this forum has is having Droid problems after upgrading to ZCS 7.1.4?!

I have 100% of my company droids (~20) are failing to maintain a corporate sync connection to our mail server. This all occurred after upgrading to ZCZ 7.1.4.

2 Support Tickets and I am getting no where with Zimbra support. Zimbra blames the droid. I understand their reasoning (logs show Droid errors), however it doesn't help me fix the problem.

All iPhones, IMAP clients work fine. It is just the droid corporate sync phones.

Anyone experiencing similar behavior? My office is considering a wholesale dumping of droid phones and going to iPhones to resolve this issue. This will cost few grand to do and I feel is not in the company's best interest.

I need some feedback or ideas, please.

Thanks in advance!