I've been trying to get Zimbra mobile working on my Samsung Blackjack (SGH-i607). There seems to be very little documentation on Zimbra mobile - i've checked the docs URL and the Wiki.

I have confirmed that my hosted account *is* configured for Zimbra Mobile.

It seems like it should be VERY simple - there are very few parameters to enter. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Here is what I'm setting up:
1. Server Address: <zimbra.voxel.net>
2. This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection: <checked>
3. User Name: <rusty@zenoss.com>
4. Password: <same as my webmail login>
5. Domain: <zenoss.com>
6. Choose the folders to synchronize: <all checked>

When I choose Send/Receive my phone shows "synchronizing folders", then *briefly* shows "error synchronizing", then takes me back to my empty inbox.

There are no other parameters to set than the ones above - what the heck am I doing wrong?