We currently have a ton of iPhone users using Zimbra and ActiveSync to get their email, calendars and contacts seamlessly synced between our Zimbra servers and their iPhones.

Now we are seeing users wanting to move away from iPhones and onto various Android devices. Mostly the Samsung Galaxy and Nexus and perhaps HTC. Looking on the Zimbra website, it is stated that:

"Zimbra Mobile for Smartphones
Native integration with Mail, Contacts, Calendar apps and over-the-air data sync on Android OS and Windows Mobile OS smartphones such as the Droid."

My question is, do all Android devices support full syncing of email, calendar and contacts back to Zimbra servers? Our users really need all 3 to work just like they would on the iPhones as far as integration goes. On the iPhone we use the Exchange option when setting up the Mail/Cal/Contacts accounts and it all works great. Are Android devices the same?