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Thread: Zimbra mobile - Combining multiple calendars to sync with Mobile device

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    Question Zimbra mobile - Combining multiple calendars to sync with Mobile device

    Hi Everyone

    We use the "Synchronize appointments from remote calendar" feature extensively to create calendars to our internal systems (project planning, work tracking, company events etc.), such that each user has:
    1. Their personal calendar (default calendar)
    2. Project plan calendar (synchronised from our PM system using ical)
    3. Work tracking calendar (synchronised from our PM system using ical)

    This enables each user to quickly merge any of calendars and have a visual representation of plans / actual work. So far this has been working really well. We also use Zimbra mobile to synchronise email, contacts and calendar onto the Nokia E61. Again, this has just worked - no problems there.

    We have found that our users require multiple calendars to be merged and synced with their mobile device.

    For example: When syncing, the personal calendar and the project plan calendar are synced to the mobile device as 'the calendar'.

    Does anyone know if this is possible, workarounds or an upcoming feature? And would others find it useful to be able to do this?

    I've searched Bugzilla and found a few enhancements that indicate this requirement. All of them have votes, so I am wondering which one to vote for!

    Zimbra is an awesome product and little features like this (will) really put MS Exchange / Lotus Notes to shame.

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    I was asked this very same question by a customer this afternoon : "If we have a shared calendar and a private calendar, how do we sync both to our PDAs ?"

    His point of view (about the needed feature) was to have only one calendar but the ability to tag appointment as "private" (not showned to other, even with a shared calendar). He'd rather have it this way because the PDAs are not able to sync several calendars anyway...

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    Default Multiple Calendar sync to Mobile PDA

    Any update on this? I have several calendars, personal, school, work, wife's, and want them all to sync to my windows mobile. But only the Calendar is. How do I get them all to sync? They all sync to outlook.



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    Default Multiple Calendar sync to Mobile PDA

    I'm having the same problem with attempting to sync multiple calendars from iCal to Zimbra Mobile. I would like to get all my calendars and shared calendars to sync.


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    Default There are a few open bugs on this...

    I can find a number of open bugs in bugzilla on this issue: bug 7256, bug 8157, and bug 10099. Please vote for all of them if they apply!
    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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