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    Default Question about phone and Outlook sync

    We have just started testing Zimbra 4.5 recently. It seems to be working perfectly and we're ready to try something harder now - syncing with other applications. I want to be careful and make sure we do this right because we had some bad experiences with other applications.

    First, it sounds like there's some software that provides an Outlook connector. Where do we get that? It wasn't in the network version trial software that we downloaded. Is there a separate download available somewhere? Does it work with Outlook 2007?

    Second, we've never had an Exchange server so I only have experience syncing my Treo 700wx (Windows Mobile 5, Sprint) with ActiveSync plugged into my USB port. I read the wiki and it said all I have to do is add a new ActiveSync "Server source" on the Treo and use the Zimbra server URL. So here's the questions:

    1) Assume the Treo and my computer (Outlook) are in sync before I start this process and they have my complete calendar and contacts. The Zimbra account is new (clean) and has no data. Should I install the Outlook Zimbra connector and sync Outlook to Zimbra first? Will that put all my Outlook data into Zimbra?

    2) If #1 is correct, should I then configure the new Zimbra server source on the Treo and sync that? At that point if everything is working I assume that the Treo and/or Zimbra will recognize that everything is already in sync. (This is where I'm expecting to have trouble. For example, finding everything duplicated either on the Treo or in Zimbra.)

    3) If I get the Treo syncing directly with Zimbra, should I then not sync the Treo with the USB connection on the computer any more?

    4) Will I be able to make appointments on the Treo and have those sync to Zimbra, and then also show up on my computer in Outlook?

    5) Am I missing any other potential problems?

    I hope I'm explaining this clearly. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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