1. New iPhone and Samsung phones comes with fingerprint login, which is more secured over pin login. However, if we enable "Force pin on device", Zimbra will insist that my Samsung S5 phone to switch to pin login. Is there anyway that we can force user to enable a login, but it doesn't have to be pin-base login?

2. We have users feedback that when their children take their phones to play, after 4 failed login attempt, Zimbra will wipe off all the data on their phone and even reset the phone completely! I think the default does not make sense, not just because that 4 times is too easily reached, but wiping of data should not include resetting the phone, which is critical for "find my phone" function to continue to work for existing account when the phone is lost. Wiping of phone should be trigger from end user themselves to be on the safe side.

What do you think?