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Thread: Wifi synchronization from a Windows Mobile 5 PDA not working

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    Default Wifi synchronization from a Windows Mobile 5 PDA not working

    Hi all,

    I tried to synchronize my Orange SPV M3100 (HTC) running Windows Mobile 5, via ActiveSync on a wifi connection, but it doesn't seem to be working. I think that if I have a network connection, there may be no problem to synchronize with Zimbra (I tested via GPRS and UMTS, and it worked fine), but I can't actually synchronize from wifi ... what's wrong ?
    Is the wifi connection causing problem while syncing ?


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    What are your settings? Do you have any errors in the log?

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    Franck, the problem lies in the Orange firmware that forbids WiFi ActiveSync (to make sure you spend money on their GPRS-EDGE-3G network).

    We made a test with a HTC (with "HTC" firmware, not locked down for one specific operator) and we were able to sync with WiFi without any specific parameter.

    Problem is definitely the Orange firmware.

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