Excuse me if I'm being really thick here ... I think I need another coffee

1) we are running a trial of Zimbra Network Trial on RedHat
2) we've managed to get Apple Mail and iCal, Outlook etc to sync perfectly
3) I'm testing now with Salesforce.com and that seems to work very nicely too
4) I'm now also testing with Windows Mobile 5.0

Now... using ActiveSync, I have it syncing nicely my email, calendar and contacts - not a problem.

However this is NOT push, and I need to test the PUSH aspect. I've been told that the Mobile Functionality is included, I can't for the life of me find anything about it.

1) how do you test the mobile PUSH (that is the automatic delivery of an email to your mobile device) aspect?
2) is this a setting in the Zimbra Admin, or the Users Control, or something on the phone, or is this a 3rd party tool we need?

Otherwise ... we are loving this, a huge pat on the back to all the Zimbra team!!