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Thread: WM5 OTA sync suddenly not working.

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    Default WM5 OTA sync suddenly not working.

    Hi, All,

    I've purchased an account with OnDeckTech so I could have WM5 push, and after a few kinks setting things up, everything had worked GREAT. However, about a week ago, I noticed that push suddenly didn't.

    Here are the symptoms:

    1. When making a change either in the web client or in iCal (hooked up via the iSync connector), the change is not pushed to my phone (a TMobile MDA with the updated ROM).

    2. If I do a soft reset on the phone, a sync starts on reboot, and will frequently stop responding (it doesn't lock, I just get the spinning sync wheel and nothing happens. I reset the machine last night before I went to bed, watched it get to the sticking point, and it was still at that same point this morning when I woke up).

    3. After 2 or 3 resets, I'm able to get everything synchronized over. But nothing is ever pushed after an update on either side.

    I remembered that the Zimbra ActiveSync connector didn't like to have to push a lot of data, so I unchecked the sync for both e-mail (I can use IMAP if I have to) as well as contacts (my contacts don't change that much).

    Still, nothing. I've removed and re-added the server multiple times. I even did a hard reset on the device yesterday afternoon.

    Unfortunately, since I don't own the server, you're going to have to get with OnDeckTech if you need any logs. I've been in contact with them about this problem, and they promised that they were going to escalate it to you.

    However, if you've any ideas for me, I'd be happy to hear them.



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    Best way to debug is to look at the server log. So we'd have to wait for a support ticket to investigate. Thanks!

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    Default OnDeckTech now

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